Will there be a limit to the number of passengers in a car?

There is no limit to the number of people in the car. We would like to note that viewers will need to remain in the car throughout the film. We therefore recommend a maximum of 3 passengers per car to guarantee that everyone’s view of the screen is the best it can be. Due to current circumstances, we ask for all passengers to be of the same household.

What Corona-friendly measures will be in place?

All cars will be strictly parked 2 metres away from each other, making our Drive-In a naturally socially distanced event. All viewers are requested to remain in their vehicle at all times, unless they need to visit the toilets or in the unlikely case of an emergency. Our staff will wear masks and gloves throughout the event. To limit any contact between staff and viewers, ticketing will be carried out through license plate checks. Please check our FAQ section on toilets and food for further information on Corona-friendly measures taking place in these areas. All health and safety measures in-place are according to government regulation. Should there be any changes, we will update our website and notify you via our social media pages.

Will there be toilets on site?

Toilets will be available on site. In order to limit queues and crowding, viewers will be required to only visit the toilets within their zone, which will be allocated upon arrival. Event marshals will monitor queues to ensure a 2-metre distance between viewers is maintained at all times. The toilets will be serviced regularly. Viewers are kindly asked to use both soap and hand sanitiser before returning to their vehicles.

Will there be access to food at the site?

Carview-20 will be in partnership with a range of food trucks to provide delicious cinema snacks for the perfect night out. All orders will take place via our website, ensuring maximum safety between you and our staff. Our carhops will then deliver the food straight to your car window.

How will the sound system work?

Our sound system has been designed to immerse our viewers in the ultimate tailored cinematic experience. FM transmitters will broadcast the sound directly to your car radio, allowing you to control your own volume.

Can larger vehicles come to the event?

Larger vehicles such as vans, SUV's and pickups are allowed at the Drive-In. However, in order to grant all viewers unobstructed vision, you may be placed in the back rows of the site. We are working hard to ensure this event is the best it can be for all our customers.

Can large cars be placed in VIP section?

Large cars will be located towards the back to ensure optimum view for all customers. Therefore if you wish to purchase a VIP ticket, please be sure to drive-in with a smaller vehicle!

When are your next screenings?

We have just finished our screenings for July. Sign up to the mailing list to hear the updates!